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Minimize upfront costs

Website and application development and testing requires investments in expensive software tools. However, it doesn’t make a sound business decision for many companies who may be using these tools just once. Garanntor provides them with a stable platform- hosting service, VPS, cloud hosting, cloud servers, cloud storage, security layers, email servers and exchange hosts.

Automate with our API

This means you don’t have to invest in security apparatus, hardware and infrastructure. You can utilize our services and pay for exactly what you use. There is no fear of redundancy and wastage. We also constantly test our applications and hardware and keep them updated. We also test them to find the loopholes that hackers may exploit. This means your coders can focus and devote all their time and energy on frontend applications and providing the best possible experience for your customers. In the end, your business emerges the winner as customer engagement and superior service drives traffic and conversions. .

Scale quickly and efficiently

We also solve your scalability issues by providing you direct access to all our services from our portal. You can configure the services that you pay for and scale up or down as the business scenario changes.