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Simplify your infrastructure management

Your business can’t afford to fail or stay inactive in an environment when customers expect to carry out transaction through your website on a 24×7 basis. Apart from very high uptime and speed and reliability of operations, an enterprise level website should also ensure that the data remains safe and secured.

Protect yourself with a secure solution

Moreover, Garanntor’s customer portal is extremely intuitive and is extremely easy to use. You can make changes to your setup or automate your system management using our powerful API or accessing your account on our customer portal.

Get peace of mind with our reputation for uptime

Since our web hosting service, cloud and virtual private servers have incorporated failsafe design features, the system has a very high rate of fault tolerance. This is what makes Garanntor ensure almost 99.9% uptime. Its competitors find it almost impossible to match. We had developed a fully redundant network infrastructure from the simple belief that no enterprise can hope to succeed if its website, which is supposed to be its life support, stays down frequently. This one small vision has separated us from the other players in the market in Rwanda.