The success of government agency portals and websites depend on few things. They are cleanliness of design of the UI, intuitiveness and indicators that guide the visitors, the ease with which they can perform the actions the want to take and the confidence visitors have on the security features of the website, especially if confidential and personal data is shared and stored on it.

Garanntor’s API can automate your system management and make management of edits, updates, schedules, protection of email addresses and contact details through encryption neat. Our customer portal is easy to use and government agency executives can be in charge of all the backend and frontend activities that they believe will make their website more attractive, from the portal itself.

Our backend support would allow government websites to incorporate live support features, location features if you want to (in case you want to redirect the search queries in regional or local offices), have provisions for accommodation of searches that are made from smartphones and mobile devices i.e. make the website more responsive.

Visitor experience gets the highest priority in a government website and our hosting facility ensures that the website is either always running or even if it is down, gets back up on its feet on no time. Processing large number of requests at great speed shouldn’t be an issue for our VPN and hosting service as our tier III data center is one of the most advanced in Rwanda.