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What’s a Personal Domain?

When you register a personal domain ‘you@yourdomain.com’ you create a unique identity for yourself and your brand online. This uniqueness ensures you derive utmost satisfaction in sending as well as receiving emails with your customized email address. And when prospective clients come across your personalized domain name and email, they immediately realize how much of a professional you are. Claim your personal domain today from Garanntor.

Resumé & Portfolio

Your personal domain is the perfect place to display your credentials and show the world what you can do.

Social Media Profile

Connect your personal domain to your Facebook, LinkedIn or social media other page.

Create a Personal Blog

It’s easy to get your blog and other content online quickly with our Onepager website builder.

Custom Personal Email

Having an email address that uses your personal domain ‘you@yourdomain.com’ makes you look more professional.

You might be asking –Why do I need a Personal Domain?

Build an online presence that says “professional”

The answer is simple. Creating a personal domain helps you build a superb online presence that stands you out, making you a key figure in your industry and sector in spite of all the clutter out there. So what would you rather be – one amongst many or just any other random brand?

Protecting your Reputation

Ever thought about the myriad of information making it into the internet today? There are tangible as well as worthless materials been circulated online every other day, and often there’s the need for a properly-guarded system that helps you structure things as well as providing you the power to manage you brand image online. This is what a high-authority website helps you achieve.

Present yourself as a Pro

Using your own name for your website and email address adds a professional touch to everything you do. Show the world you have full ownership of your online presence.

Increase Visibility

It’s no news that search engines love domain names with specific keywords. As a result, if your desire is for your website to pop up first when searches are run, even before your social network profile, then your best bet is combining your firstname+lastname.

Market  your Brand and Yourself

Your personal domain is the ideal place with which you can tell the world who you are, as well as what you have to offer and more. With a personal domain, you get to host your resume, portfolio as well as samples of your past jobs. Better still, you can just share your photos and personal interests with the world using your domain. It’s that simple.