Get enterprise-level service at startup prices

Resource constraints often become a huge challenge for startup companies. They are often pushed to the back foot because they can’t compete with the resources, infrastructure and network of enterprise level companies. However, Garanntor aims to provide a level playing field to all players in the market.

Minimize startup costs

If you believe that quick speed, reliability and flexibility of a hosting service and private server would allow you to introduce innovative products and ideas to the market or provide your prospective customers and visitors with extraordinary service that helps you to not only convert them once but create a strong professional bond, then we guarantee that we won’t give you a scope to complain about our infrastructure setup or the backend support that we would provide you with 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!

Scale quickly and efficiently

For startups, scalability is a big issue because change happens fast. We will not only assuage your scalability concerns but also provide you with the best possible cloud and hosting services so that you don’t have to make expensive investments or dedicate your staff to backend. Let them innovate on the client side instead, which is undoubtedly a revenue generator!